Murder Mystery Party in Grand Rapids
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Grand Rapids’s Experts in Mystery Entertainment

GR is the birthplace of mystery, intrigue, and murder with our interactive private shows all over Grand Rapids!

Host a Murder Mystery Party

Take all the work and stress out of planning entertainment for your next private event and let us do it for you! Our on call Crime Scene Coordinators are on top of things, just give us a call, and we’ll make sure you get exactly the murder mystery party in GR you are looking for.

Birthday? Corporate event? Fundraiser? We’ve got you covered. Choose one of our scintillating mystery themes and start plotting the crime scene of the century for your friends, family, coworkers, or guests, and rest easy knowing this party is going to be unforgettable for everyone involved.

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The Murder Mystery Company in Grand Rapids

The Murder Mystery Company got it’s start right here in Grand Rapids over ten years ago, and is our home base for our troupes around the country. We love what we do, and we plan on bringing another ten years and more murder mystery parties in GR to your private events. We couldn’t have made it this far without the support and appreciation of the citizens of Grand Rapids, thank you!

The Best of the Best

When we created The Murder Mystery Company, we knew we wanted to provide a superior service and product to our customers. One of the ways we made this happen was to create a failproof method of training for our performers so that every show is the best show they’ve done. The GRIMprov method is the exclusive training method that allows us to say we are the best and mean it.

To find out more about the precision of our actor training, check out this video: